8 Essential Beauty Hacks That Every Woman Should Know

8 Essential Beauty Hacks That Every Woman Should Know

These easy to follow 8 beauty hacks could be what you have been missing. You may implement them by using the items available at your reach. If you have been searching for something simpler and better, this is what you need in the first place. There are millions of methods to improve the way you look, but these 8 tips will see your beauty regime improve…

nick carter

Nick Carter Apologizes Following Arrest At Bar

Recently, Backstreet Boys member Nick Carter was arrested in Florida for allegedly being involved in a bar brawl. According to a police report, he was trying to choke a bouncer to death at a bar in Key West, Florida. A source told that he lost it all when he was refused service. The pop start, accompanied by a friend, reached the spot around at 7…


Gerard Cordero – Rising Star from Astoria NY

Have you heard the name, Gerard Cordero ? If you haven’t, you will soon enough. This talented actor hailing from Astoria, New York is catching the attention of industry professionals and becoming the topic of conversation. Gerard’s passion for acting came in his early teenage years, but his first actual taste of acting didn’t come until 1998 in where he played a Wiseguy in the…


The Most Famous Breast Implants of all time

In Hollywood, a world all about appearance and looks, plastic surgery has become extremely common among many celebrities. Although it is more common now, getting plastic surgery wasn’t always considered normal and celebrities that did get plastic surgery were often criticized for doing so. Many women that did get breast implants were targeted by fans, other celebrities, and most importantly, the media. Even with the…


Tonymoly Mask Sheet and Makeup Products

Do you window shop online for different skin care products? You not the only one who follow this system, many women from all around the world have the same habit of researching. Well, your search for the best skin care treatment is good, but too much research can make you confused. Hence, you require focusing on one brand rather using different skin care products. TonyMoly…


How Pulp Fiction Laid Claim to Becoming one of the Great Movie Game Changers

In the first scenes of Pulp Fiction, released in 1994 and regarded as a classic of world cinema, and which placed its director Quentin Tarantino firmly on the map, we are introduced to a couple of hit men, Jules Winnfield and Vincent Vega who arrive at a dingy L.A. apartment sent by their boss, Marsellus Wallace, tasked with tracking down a mysterious stolen briefcase. In…

Entertainment / December 19, 2015

Six Styles of Ladies Footwear that Your Closet Needs

Marilyn Monroe said “Give a lady the right shoes, and she will conquer the world.” True, isn’t it? If you too are a fashionista who loves to dress up every day from head-to-toe, then you are sure to understand one’s love for shoes. Wearing the right shoes with the right size of heels not only make you feel elevated but also boost your style quotient….

Candice Swanepoel steals the show in gold!

2014 Fall Fashion Guide: Wear it with Style Today!

It is that time of the year when the chill in the air starts to make its presence felt and the charm of fall starts to slowly wane. Even if you are a touch late with getting on the Fall/Winter fashion ride, worry not! There is still plenty of time to carry those chic prints and trendy seasonal hues in the weeks ahead. Today, we…

short hair

New Twists on Classic Short Hairstyles for Women

Looking for some classic short hairstyles for women? Short hair has long been the rage amongst celebrities and stylists. From Jennifer Aniston’s not-so-Rachel double-layered crop and Hilary Duff’s edgy short look to Katy Perry’s mid-chin dye-job, celebrities know that the short haired look is the way to go for an easy to manage look that can be transformed from rocker chic to classic diva in…

fans who go too far

Fans Who Go Too Far

Country music Tim McGraw got himself into a lot of heat after a video of him slapping a fan made its rounds on celebrity gossip magazines. However, the situation is really not what it seems. While we tend to think of celebrities as the instigators, McGraw’s fan assault shows that with most cases, it is the fans who go too far. In the video released…

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