More Women Are Embracing Natural Hair

   Esperanza Spaulding Lately, I’ve been seeing a lot of women with natural hair. I so love it. I love that more people are embracing their natural hair. I tried it and the process didn’t work for me because, I wasn’t that patient but, I applaud those who are. Women are so beauiful with natural hair. I did some research and found a few celebrities…

Usher Allows His Hair to Grow Out!

It seems like letting your hair grow out is the official “grown man” thing to do these days. I noticed this with Kanye West, Chris Brown, Jay-Z and now Usher. Actually, Usher has totally evolved from head to toe and I kind of like it. He is probably the only one who knows the reason(s) beind his transition but, I give him two thumbs up for it.

Keri Hilson Dyes Her Hair Blonde…

Keri Hilson looks mighty different these days. She dyed her hair blonde (and neglected the roots) and is wearing spiral curls. I personally don’t think this is a good look for her. She is a beauty and this style and color really doesn’t bring out her features. This look does her no justice. Someone said she looks like one of the beloved Golden Girls. I totally…

Trina Dyes Her Hair Bright Red!

Trina recently pulled a Rihanna and dyed her hair red (moreso began wearing a red lace front). This color actually fits Trina very well; however, I think the style is just okay. She could kill this if she had long flowing curls or long flowing waves. I guess we just have to wait and she whats to come.  Oh but, I must give her two thumbs up…

Who Owned This Hairstyle?!

Each of these women have been seen running around with this hairstyle. Jada and Ciara look GREAT. Kim not so much!

Kelis Hair Color Gallery

Kelis is no stranger to dying her hair a million different colors. Most of the time it totally works for her. What do you think? Which color fits her best?!

Am I the Only One Who Loves the Curly Afro Look?!

Various pretty girls have rocked this curly look and totally killed it (in a good way). Like the bowl cut, it takes a strong face to make this look good. Everybody can’t do it. These ladies sure did. Teyanna Taylor   Sweet Rush   Solange Kelis Erykah Badu Cher Kelly Rowland Beyonce’ Annalynne McCord It seems like bigger it is… the prettier it gets!

Top 3 Celebrities with the Worst Weave!

The top 3 worst weave celebrities are as followed (and yes, in this order): Brittany Spears- I wonder what happened to her hair. She must have fallen asleep on the plane or in the car or something. It amazes me how her hair is nice in the front then you get smacked in the face with the train wreck on the side. Did she NOT…

Will-i-Am Has Grown Plastic Hair…. OMG!

Well, maybe not. He did; however, make a very bold statement this year at the 2010 MTV Video Music Awards with his black face and plastic hair. This was something I’ve never seen before… VERY ORIGINAL. My mind just keeps wondering how he got that to stay on.

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