Nicki Minaj Loves Ombre Hairstyles!

This feels like the millionth time I’ve wrote about Nicki Minaj and her ombre hairstyles. I take it she’s in love with the style. There have been a few times where she missed the mark; however, this wasn’t one of them. I love the colors and how they blend so well. The fact that her outfit is bomb and matches her hair is a plus….

Lil Mama Has a New Hairstyle

Every time I see Lil Mama I can’t help but laugh. This girl is a hot mess. Not only is her style wack, her hair is always a mess. It’s one thing to be orignial but, it’s someting totally different when the things you try are always flat out terrible. Who styles this child? They need to be FIRED like yesterday. Anyway, her new haircut…

Snookie and Her Terrible Bump Hairstyle!

A couple days ago, I wrote about how the Sasha Fierce bump hairstyle ad not been forgotten. At the time, Snookie (Jersey Shore) didn’t even cross my mind and I don’t know how that’s even possible. I must say that after Amy Winehouse, Snookie’s hairstyles are a hot mess and her bumps look terrible. She needs to try something new. Maybe deep waves with a…

Latest Celebrity Hairstyle- Spiral Ring Curls

Whenever I think of Spiral Curls also known as Shirley Temple Curls and Ring Curls, I think of small children. These three ladies show that not only little girls can rock the look. Keyshia Cole wore them on her promo pics for her new album, Calling All Hearts, Rihanna wore them at the 2010 American Music Awards and Keri Hilson wore them to the 2010…

Tiffany “New York” Pollard and Her Latest Weave

New York has never been much of a celebrity to me but, enough people know her name so, I thought, Why Not? Let me throw her in here. So anyway, she was just featured in BLEED magazine rocking another terrible hairstyle. You would think after all this time and all these reality tv shows, someone would get this woman a stylist for her hair and wardrobe….

Nicki Minaj Has Another New Hair Color!

Nicki Minaj recently revealed a brand new wig in an awesome shade of aqua blue. For some strange reason, I love this new color on her. To me this is the best color she’s worn aside from black. Maybe, it’s the fact that everything in the picture is around the same color… idk but, I love it.

Willow Smith Wearing Her Real Hair!

So, little Willow Smith may have some of the worst hair I’ve seen all year. It looks really raggedy and damaged. What in the hell is she supposed to do with this aside from adding more weave and crap to it for more damage? My suggestion would be to cut it all off and start over. This is just dreadful!

Icy Blonde Hair

I am so in love with the new icy blonde looks that I’ve been seeing lately. All the women I’ve seen wear it are look so beautiful. You can’t help but stand out in the crowd with these super dramatic looks. The four ladies below look amazing; however, everybody can’t rock this. Seems like the paler the skin the better it looks. I wish I…

The Sasha Fierce Hairstyle Has Not Been Forgotten!

  Of course this style was around way before Beyonce’ introduced Sasha Fierce with it but, who was really wearing it aside from Amy Winehouse? Nobody. Beyonce’ made this style popular. I loved the look. High-volume hair on top with slick sides. Many women can’t master celebrity looks on their own, but this was always manageable. Out of the ladies you see below, who owned…

Asymmetrical Hairstyles

Asymmetrical Hairstyles have been all over the place this year. Some type of “asymmetry” is incorporated into just about every style especially the short haircuts. Everyone is wearing this type of style and whats so great about it is, everyone is making it their own. Although, a lot of people are wearing the same hairstyle these days, simple clips and cuts offer a small difference….

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