Mariah Carey Gets Naked

Mariah Carey is another celebrity pinup girl. She is showing skins on the cover of Interview magazine and not sweating a bit. I just want women to have a little bit more respect for themselves. We are loosing the respect from men more and more each day and it is a sad thing, since our relatives before us fought for equality and respect from men….

MTV 2007 VMA Awards

Get ready September 9th at 9:00pm (ET/PT) for the most talked about music awards show. This show is going to be over the top with all today’s hottest performers set to bring the house down in Las Vegas. There will be artist such as Kanye West, Timberland, Nelly Furtado, T-Pain, Common, Rihanna, Gym Class Heroes, Fall Out Boy, Amy Winehouse, and many more who will…

Fall Fashion: More Booties!

Get ready, because fall is going to be the official Booties Rave. Anyone who is someone will be wearing these boots/pumps. I like these they are very stylish and give you the boot casual sexy feel and the hot mama pumps feel all in one. I will have me a pair of these.

Michael Vick Pleads Guilty Under a Deal

How does a man mess up a very good thing by doing something this stupid. Please tell me it is something more to this story other than dog fighting. I just do get it. Michael Vick had it made, what more did he needed. People really don’t know how to handle the change lifestyle after coming into the riches. You don’t bring the dump ghetto…

Fergie New Line of Handbags

Yes again another celebrity wanting to get in the fashion game some how. Fergie is teaming up with the Kipling brand to introduce her style to masses. Why don’t all the celebs team up and put there name on one fashion collection since its all the same: selling their name.

Picture of Naomi Watts Baby Boy

Here it is a picture Naomi Watt’s baby boy the her fiance Leiv Schreiber tried to prevent the paparazzi from taking. He even ran them down and called the police. Wow a Father protecting his son that sounds very heroic, but from the paparazzi?

The Spice Girls Have Done It Again

I did not think they could get any cornier. Why is this image their album cover. This cover does not look like a professionally did it. The concept is not original. This needs some work. Calling all graphic designers the Spice Girls needs some spicing up. Too much glam need some spice. And they actually like this. Not good.

Jessica Simpson’s Broken Nose

Jessica broke her nose while on the set of her latest film. She says it was an accident, but I think it was an excuse to get a nose job.

Trend Alert: Oversized Patent Leather Handbags

Get yours before the fall hit so you can be ready to hit the streets in style. A handbag is always a good finishing touch to your outfit. So get ready for the fall and grab you a big enough patent bag to fit everything you own and “Glam It Up”!

Madonna’s 49th Birthday!

Today is Madonna’s B-Day! She looks good to be 49 years old. She looks healthy and is still doing her thang. Happy Birthday to Madonna!

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