Some Faces at the MAGIC Fashion Event in Las Vegas

House of Dereon Tina Knowles and Beyonce were spotted hanging with Diddy. They probably were trying to get some marketing tips for their clothing line because the House of Dereon is not getting much visitors. Personally I don’t like much of anything that the clothing line has to offer. I Think Tina needs to go back to the drawing board.

Alicia Keys Getting Ready for the New Album

Alicia looks really pretty in this promo photo for her album. It looks like she is changing her image. Good. I did not like the fashion choices for her last albums. I hope the album turns out to be more R/B ballads. I like when she displays her piano skills. I would like to see more of that also.

Who Made the Band: Making the Band 4

Diddy has made his pick tonight for the new band and instead of his oringinal 4 guys he picked 5: Mike, Robert, Willie, Qwanell, and Brian. The final 10 put one a great performance tonight and gave Diddy a run for his money. He had to make a hard cut because the fellows really stepped up to the plate and put on a good show. I think…

Is This the Same Jessica Simpson?

I know Jessica Simpson has been getting in shape and losing a lot of weight, but why does it look like her face has been altered? Is it the nose, or the cheeks, maybe the lips too. She does not look like herself. Maybe she went plastic surgery overhaul.

Little Lenny Kravitz is All Grown Up

Zoe Kravitz is all grown up now and dating all grown up men like actor Ben Foster. Wow I can’t believe Zoe is looking so womanly and so much like her mother, Lisa Bonnett. I wonder is she is going to jump in the acting arena even more in the lime light.

Beyonce Brings Sexy Back

Beyonce was asked to tone down her sexiness for her concert in Malaysia on November 1st. She will not be able to perform as usual, but she is ok with it. Malaysia customs have strict rules of touching and kissing in public and showing skins. I think it is cool that Beyonce agreed to do it their way and not just out right turned them…

Daily Fashion “Glam” Tip: 2007 Fall Accessories

Gems and studs are the leading embellishments with fall accessories. Just like with clothing, hair, and make-up, fall fashion is glam time. Get your classic glamorous glitz on and look like a star. Don’t go overboard though, pair a jeweled out necklace with subtle one gem earrings. But don’t be affraid of color and big bold jewels. Make your accessories stand out and make a…

Alicia Keys on TRL

Alicia is looking good marketing her new single and her new movie project. She did good in “Smokin’ Aces”. Looks like she is trying to become an singer/actress and maybe giving Beyonce a run for her money. But Alicia disappointed me with her last music singles, I hope she doesn’t go in left field with this new one.

Daily Fashion “Glam” Tip: Bring Glamour Back for Fall

We’ve got forties inspired waves, bold lips, dark full eyebrows, and cat eyes all waiting for fall. Bring back the waves: The beautiful classic waves are in, but do it with a twist. You want that glamour feel but you also want to add a little edge. Wear waves in the front with big shirley temple curls hanging in the back. That will give you…

Get Covered Up with Fall Oversized Coats

Time to cover up and in oversized layers. I think thin is out for the fall and it is time for some class. Don’t worry about the size just make sure that it is an appealing texture and fabric. It is all about covering up this fall. Pair your “big” coat with some leggins and some boots and you will be ready for the fall.

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