Rihanna on the Set of Her New Video

Rihanna is trying on a little sexy these days. I wonder if her new beau has her bring the woman out of her. I know lately she has been showing a lot of skin.

Alicia Keys Looking Classy in “Vegas” Magazine

Alicia did a spread in “Vegas” Magazine and talked about how she do not date men in the music industry because you never know how many women they have slept with and she will not be apart of anyone’s list. Good decision Alicia, I agree. Men in the entertainment industry should be ashamed of themselves. Have a little respect for woman.

Long Gloves: a Trend for Fall

It is time to pull your look all together because this fall accessories are leading your look. Long gloves are a part of the mix. Give your winter dresses a finishing touch by adding a pair of leather golves. Or pair up your jeans and a sweater with some casual long rib knit gloves. Have fun with it and wear it well.

Rihanna is Dating “Transformer” Actor Shia LaBeouf

Well these two definitely do not make a cute couple. This has got to be some we are hanging out getting to know one another, nothing serious. Or maybe they will be like those odd couples you see in the grocery store with their kids and makes you wonder how did they ever meet? Looks can be deceiving.

Paris Has a New Hair-Do

I like Paris’s new hair cut. I think she is trying to go for a classy look to try to disguise her bad girl days. This hairstyle makes her look older though. I think she needs to jazz it up to give it a younger look, something like how Kelis wears her hair cut. But It still is a cute cut. Very classy.

Is Jennifer Lopez Pregnant?

Another pregnant rumor is out JLo is possibly pregnant with twins. I am happy to see her marriage last this long. She seems to be very happy. Congrats to JLo!

Hats for the Fall: What’s in, What’s out

Just think 1920’s and 1930’s for your fall hat choice. So on those bad hair days you will still be stylish. So grab your Berets not the news boy cap because the classic beauty is back. Classy not sassy!

Toni Braxton Does Not Have Breast Cancer

Toni Braxton delivers the truth about the breast cancer rumor:  “There has been a rumor circulating that I have been diagnosed with breast cancer. After feeling something uncomfortable in my left breast, I went in for a screening. I was very fortunate that they did not find anything and I am in great health. However, I encourage women to take their annual tests and suggested…

Daily Fashion “Glam” Tip: Ashton Kutcher’s Fashion Tips

Ashton Kutcher has some pretty interesting views about fashion and men. I think he may be right about some of the topics he speaks on, but you be the judge.  This is what Ashton had to say about fashion in Harper’s Bazaar September issue: • “Guys don’t like to be told they look nice, pretty, or cute or that they clean up well” • “We want…

Just More Family Shots of Brad Pitt and Zahara

Daddy’s little girl, Zahara is sitting on Brad’s lap with an expression like why is everybody always looking at me. Brad took her on a horse carriage ride in New York City and ate ice cream and played swing Zahara around in the park. How sweet.

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