Kate Moss New Clothing Line Collection

Kate Moss will debut her new clothing collection tomorrow. What a perfect time, during New York’s fashion week. People are very excited about the line. Her style is very fashion forward: fitted knits and tailored suits. She is becoming a very popular designer in the fashion industry.

Some Usher and Tameka Wedding Photos

Usher and Tameka had a formal wedding ceremony and they seem to look happy in these pics. Looks can be deceiving though. I guess they are trying to enjoy while it last, all of a couple months maybe. After the child is born, I give it until then.

Confirmed: Halle Berry is 3 Months Pregnant

Halle now has the baby bump and she is officially pregnant. I guess the father is her boy friend Gabriel Aubry. I wonder if they are going to make it official or is Halle still scarred from her former marriages. We will see.

Madonna’s Lady-Like Pose for Paparazzi

Britney Spears needs to take notice at the way Madonna is getting out of the car. Yes she was caught getting out of the car by the paps and we did not get a eye fill of her panties. Britney take lessons.

Valentino is Retiring

After 45 years in the fashion industry the famous Italian fashion designer, Valentino, is leaving the business. I love his work. He is a skilled, talented, and phenomenal designer. You just do not find talented “skilled” people like him anymore, he work will be remembered for years to come.

Paris is Having Baby Thoughts

Paris told Elle magazine that she wants to have a baby. I guess she is feeling left behind since Nicole Richie has two things on her, she is pregnant and getting married. She says she feels like it is time to grow up and motherhood is the best thing to getting the party out of her system, not! She has issues. Is this going to…

Rumor Has It: Is Halle Berry Pregnant?

Well not for sure but there is gossip going on about Halle Berry being pregnant. Her people have not confirm this, so I guess we will have to wait to see the baby bump. Halle has been really private with her new beau. I wonder if she thinks that will make their relationship last longer. Well so far so good, but they have not been…

Rihanna’s Hot Hair Cut

I love this hairstyle on Rihanna. She has a long face and neck that the cut shapes perfectly. I am happy she has hair flowing in the front to cover her Tyra Banks forehead. It is the type of forehead that you should never wear a pull back hairdo because your forehaed will be the center of attention. This cut definitely works for her. In the…

Janet and Her Boo Jermaine Dupree

Janet supported her boo at his opening of his new club Studio 72 outside of Atlanta. JD and Janet looks happy. I wonder if they will ever get married.

Diddy’s All White Party: Like Father Like Sons

Diddy had another famous all white bash and invited all his celebrity friends and family including his sons. I don’t know if the boys got to party late with the adults, but they were there and Justin was spotted dancing with woman. Diddy once again had to turn some people away because they do not understand the meaning of white. It does not mean cream or…

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