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Want Healthy Hair? Supercharge Your Diet

  When it comes to healthy, shiny hair, what you put into your body is as important as what you put in your hair.  One of the benefits of a balanced diet is strong hair. So if you’re looking for some of the best foods to help keep your hair and body healthy, follow these healthy food tips. Greens – Green vegetables such as spinach,…


Celebrities Who Rock the Blonde

When celebs decide go blonde, they do so with confidence. It’s not a half-assed effort. They’re in all the way without a care about what others think. Some of them use their own hair and fry it into oblivion, while others get a little help from extensions, clip-ons, wigs and weaves. Here are some celebrities who’ve done it right. Beyoncé –Although her caramel complexion is…


Busting 5 African American Hair Myths

Water is Enemy #1 – Nothing could be further from the truth. In its natural state, Afro-textured hair’s tight coils prevent it from benefitting from the sebum that is secreted from the scalp. Sebum helps lubricate and protect the hair shaft. Due to the naturally curly texture of African American hair, the sebum doesn’t travel all the way down to the ends so a proper…

TyraBanks wrong

Celebrity Looks You Don’t Want to Copy

With all their money, excess and free access to the latest in everything, they should be getting it right most of the time. But no, they don’t always look sharp and the repeat offenders entertain us even more


Afraid of Scissors? Three Reasons to Go Short

Are you bored with your hair and thinking of taking the plunge and going short? If you’ve considered it but are still on the fence, here are some good reasons to cut loose and start the new year with a fresh look.

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