Willow Smith “Whip My Hair” Video Released Tomorrow!!!

willowsmithwhipmyhair Willow Smith Whip My Hair Video Released Tomorrow!!!

Not too long ago, everybody had something bad to say about Willow Smith and her various wierd off the wall hairstyles. Now, she is getting nothing aside from two thumbs up from the same people for her first single, “Whip My Hair.” Thats so my song! Everytime I hear it, I have a hard time believing that the person blasting through the speakers is only 9 years-old. You better work Willow!

Willow Smith shot the music video for “Whip My Hair” for two days in Sylmar, California, in September. Ray Kay (the director) describes the video shoot as a “complex” one that requires a lot from the young artist. The clip will premiere on BET on Monday, October 18, while the track itself will be released to iTunes the following week on October 26.

Willow Smith Willow Smith Whip My Hair Video Released Tomorrow!!!

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