Who Is Nicole Richie’s Mother?

Have you heard the rumors about Nicole’s parents? Does she even look like Lionel Richie? We have the facts below all about your favorite heiress…

nicole Who Is Nicole Richies Mother?

Is Nicole Richie Adopted?

Many people are curious about who is Nicole Richie’s mother.  Nicole has done a swell job keeping her birth mother a secret for a while. No one really what her mother is like, besides that her name is Karen, and she was an executive assistant for Sheila Escovedo. Karen had a fling with Peter Michael Escovedo, who played for Lionel Richie, the well known musician, and her adoptive father.

Yes, Nicole’s adoptive mother is a black woman by the name of Brenda Harvey-Richie who was married to Lionel when they adopted Nicole at the age of nine. However, Nicole was raised by them since she was two. So unfortunately, her biological mother was never really a part of her life until she reached out to her a short time ago.

Nicole has said on record, to People magazine in 2003, “My parents were friends with Lionel…They trusted that they would be better able to provide for me.”

However, it should be acknowledged that Nicole has denied that her biological father is Afro-Latin American percussionist Pete Escovedo Jr. in another interview. We do not know for sure what is the reality of the story. It’s not like anyone with the high moral character of Nicole Richie would lie, right? Dunno…but she sort of looks like him in the pictures, wouldn’t you say?

nicole richie birth mother Who Is Nicole Richies Mother?

Who Is Nicole Richie’s Mother?

Karen remains somewhat of a mystery. What we know of her was that she gave Nicole to Lionel as his wife for financial reasons. Her full name is Nicole Camille Escovedo. Hey, we know what you’re thinking! How did a girl like Nicole get so royally screwed up over the years? After all, The Simple Life doesn’t just happen overnight.

It’s reasonable to believe that because of Lionel’s affair with another woman besides Nicole’s adopted mother, which was such an emotional stress, that Lionel spoiled Nicole and catered to her every whim.  Of course, whether or not Nicole is spoiled is debatable. Maybe she’s just opinionated? Maybe she’s just socially challenged? Yeah, right…

Poor Nicole has had her share of drug problems, almost immediately following her graduation from Montclair Preparatory School and then attending the University of Arizona in Tucson, she dropped out of her classes and returned to Los Angeles.  She has been arrested for drug possession, and was sentenced to probation and a stay in drug rehab. Nicole Richie anorexic problems have also surfaced in gossip columns.

In case you’re wondering, Nicole has reached out to Karen in recent years, despite having almost no contact with her growing up.  She wanted to get to know her for the sake of her newborn daughter.  In 2008, some photos were snapped of Nicole meeting with her biological mother.  We have no idea what they said, but presumably they used the words “hawt” and “cool” a thousand times per hour.

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