Webbie: Making It Big with Gangsta Musik

webbie 1 Webbie: Making It Big with Gangsta Musik

Webbie, born Webster Gradney Jr., is a rapper who made it big in the hip hop scene in the year 2005.  He originated from Baton Rouge, Louisiana where he was raised by his father and grandmother.  He started becoming interested in rhymes ever since he was 5 years old and kept going at it until he started getting influenced by hardcore rap artists like Geto Boys and 2pac.  He started out in 2003 with a rap group, along with Lil Boosie, under the Trill Entertainment label.  Their first album was entitled “Gangsta Musik” and it featured their original tracks like “Swerve” and “Bad Bitch”.  Webbie started getting much-deserved attention and was soon featured in the independent biography film entitled “Ghetto Stories: The Movie” which was based on their lives in the Ghetto scene.  The glamour of fame and the limelight soon took its toll on Webbie as his career got hindered by several controversies and arrests.

webbie 2 Webbie: Making It Big with Gangsta Musik


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