What You Need to Pull Off a Victoria Beckham Trendy Bob Hairstyle?

Everyone wants to try a Victoria Beckham trendy bob hairstyle, and I don’t blame them. This bob-razor cut hairstyle is very trendy and very stylish. The asymmetrical short cut even has a name: the Pob (aka Posh’s Bob). With Beckham’s fairy-like facial features, the cut emphasizes the finer aspects of her profile and frontal appearance.

vb What You Need to Pull Off a Victoria Beckham Trendy Bob Hairstyle?

Victoria Beckham Hair 2013

While women all over the world have the desire to try the cut, not all are meant to wear the short, trendy style. The shape of a woman’s face, along with the functionality and desired end result, all play a factor in choosing the correct style. While the Pob looks great on Victoria Beckham, the rest of us have to take a step back and ask if it really is the best cut to emphasize our best features.

With a distinctive pixie look, the style has sharp layering around the nape of the neck to contour along with the shape of the skull. As the cut moves toward the top of the head, length increases. In addition, texturing is accomplished by ‘point cutting’ the ends or using a ‘razor’ to give the cut a softer, more sculpted look.

When researching options for your next hairstyle, it is important to take a moment to consider the shape of your face and the overall statement you wish to make with your new cut. Beckham’s bob is feminine and trendy as well as easy to style and for some of us; that is all we need in a hairstyle. However, depending on factors such as occupation, lifestyle, and the amount of time desired in the styling chair – other hairstyles may be better suited.

The Bob of Victoria Beckham

With that being said; if Posh’s Bob is your choice – good for you. Her cut is beautiful and carefree with enough trendiness to catch your eye. On a stunning woman like her, the Bob is one of the sexiest, hippest cuts available. It is a cut that works well for Beckham and I like the way it frames her face.

Ideally, this type of cut is suited to a woman with facial features similar to Beckham’s. In other words, the same benefits the cut allows Beckham to enjoy might not be as strong in a woman with a round, apple-shaped face. Posh’s Bob is a great style for someone looking to emphasize femininity while bringing attention to the eyes and center of the face.

It’s a good hairstyle to obscure unlike features with the way the hair sultrily falls across the eyes. Even though this hair cut works for many faces, it works very well with oval or square-shaped faces, which it enhances. In a woman with features similar to Victoria Beckham’s, the same style would be complimentary and work well.

Remember, when choosing a new hairstyle – take your time. Whether you choose the Beckham (Posh Bob) to emphasize your fine-boned facial features or a different type of cut to show off your sweet apple-shaped face, focus on the positive. Use your hairstyle to show the world your best features, just like Beckham.

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