Victoria Beckham Started a Trend

fashion skin tight dress Victoria Beckham Started a Trend

Look at what Victoria Beckham started. Celebs are now wearing “too tight” dresses. I hope people do not startfollowing them because this style is not for everyone, literally. Do not wear a skin tight dress unless you are a skinny not fat woman. Any fat you have will show and will not look cute. So be mindful of the fact that these type of dresses shows off the good and the bad parts of you shape. Be honest with yourself before attempting this style. If anything thing is not quite tight and sitting in place don’t do it.

I personally do not care for too tight dresses. It is too eighties and borderline slutty. But some people can pull it off and Victoria Beckham is one of them, however shown in the photo above, Lindsay Lohan is not. When wearing a skin tight dress your body shape is not the only thing to take in consideration. Your posture is also a factor. There is certain stance and class you have to have to make the dress look like you were made to wear it.

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