Using Henna to Color and Condition Hair

henna 320 Using Henna to Color and Condition Hair

Henna is widely known as a natural skin stain that is used to create intricate designs on hands and feet during celebratory times in the South Asian community. What a lot of people don’t know is the how beneficial henna can be for your hair.

Henna can serve has a great, chemical-free hair dye. While it can’t lighten dark hair, it can give a nice red hue that stands out in the sunlight.

Henna can also be used to help condition coarse hair. It can de-frizz and provide tons of shine. For those with fragile hair, Henna is great way to help strengthen cuticles. The natural elements actually stick to the keratin in hair strands, providing lush and thick hair.

Before trying your hand at using henna in your hair, it is important to find the perfect mix to ensure the color turns out the way you want it to. Henna for Hair has a ton of mixtures and tones to help you out along the way.

Have you ever tried using Henna in your hair? Share the outcome with us in the comments below!

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