“The Game” Is Back with Brand New Looks!

Someone out there loves us because, BET is bringing “The Game” back to us. Yes, my all time favorite show will open Season 4 with all new episodes on January 11, 2011. What an awesome birthday present for me. Anyway, if you haven’t seen the commercial- Where have you been?! SMH.

The Game BET The Game Is Back with Brand New Looks!

I see that “Tasha”, “Kelly” and “Melanie” all have brand new looks. I’m so excited!

Although “Tasha” doesn’t look all that different she did all some longer extensions. She no longer has shoulder length hair. It’s now down past her boobs which is a good look for her.

“Melanie” was always the boring one when it came to hair and style on the show. This season may be different because, in the commercial is is dawning long gold waves. That’s totally stepping out the box for her.

The biggest transformation of all comes from “Kelly.” I never in a million years thought I’d see her with a show punky Rihanna inspired asymmetrical mohawk. You better WORK! I can’t wait to see if she has a new attitude to match the new look.

I’m sooooooo excited!

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