Solange Twitter Account

solange knowles 1 Solange Twitter Account

If you are looking for the official Solange Twitter account, then you should check out @solangeknowles. As Beyonce’s sister, she has definitely she has definitely made a name for herself. As a singer and actress, she has over 726,000 followers and continues to have more followers on a daily basis. She is also a pretty hyper Twitter addict as she has over 10,000 tweets already. I still find it funny how celebrities only follow a few amount of people as Solange only follows about 87. A lot of people wonder who she’s following and most likely it’s Jay-Z and boys. Solange is now 24 and she now has her own child. Solange will continue to be a model, singer and actress but people still wonder, How hard is it to be the younger sister of a worldwide superstar? We can’t help but wonder how hard it is to be under her shadow.

solange knowles 2 Solange Twitter Account

Solange Twitter Account

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