What’s with Solange’s Hair and Those Raggedy Box Braids?

Solange Knowles’ hair has the potential to be really nice, really striking and sexy…and yet, as the title suggests, sometimes it seems as if she’s Raggedy Ann in the head. Maybe she’s going for a different look, or really appreciates the avant-garde style. Whatever the case, it doesn’t seem like it fits here and I think a lot of people would agree with me. Now that’s not to say that braids are bad, or even that they aren’t becoming of women. I think braids look great on some, not so good on others.

solange box braids 1 Whats with Solanges Hair and Those Raggedy Box Braids?

But About Solange Knowles Braids…

I don’t know what Solange is trying to accomplish here but, I’m already over it. I can’t for the life in me figure out WHY she wants the world to see those raggedy tired box braids. It seems like when wraps them up when they’re freshly done then exposes them when they’re officially a mess. Can anybody help me understand what’s going on with this? Maybe, I missed something.

What About Beyonce and Solange?

Maybe Solange likes the braids because it makes her stand out from the Knowles name. After all, Beyonce and Solange are sisters. Solange spent a while in Destiny’s Child but eventually signed on with her father’s production company, known as Music World Entertainment. Her first album was Solo Star.

Solange has expressed that her music is different from her older sisters, stating “Our styles are so different. I think all sisters share secrets and advice, but we try to keep that stuff in the house.” Alas, Beyonce hasn’t given much advise about hairstyling.

Solange Knowles at the hennessy intimate dinner Whats with Solanges Hair and Those Raggedy Box Braids?

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