Rihanna’s Hairstyles

Rihanna’s ever-changing style and fashion sense has always been a topic of conversation around the water cooler. And while her choice of attire usually lands her in the top spots in fashion magazines, it’s the evolution of her hair that really tells the world where she is at in her life.

So I decided to take us back a bit. Back to 2005 when Rihanna was a fresh-faced dancehall queen who was just starting out in the business. And then when her hit “Umbrella” blew up the airwaves and Rihanna proved her place in the music industry. Right up until 2011 — Rihanna’s fashion continues to wow (or shock) us and she is considered a true virtuoso in the music industry.

Check out Rihanna’s hairstyles through the years below!


rihanna 2005 Rihannas Hairstyles


rihanna 2006 Rihannas Hairstyles



Rihanna Hairstyles


Rihanna Hairstyles


Rihanna Hairstyles


Rihanna Hairstyles

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