Rihanna and Her Long Red Hair

It’s official. I have developed a love/hate relationship with Rihanna and this red hair. This post is def on the opposing HATE side. This look is a hot mess. Rihanna as a face made for short hair. She’s beautiful and her short styles show that. Long hair has never been her friend since she decided to cut it in the first place. On top of that her roots are nappy.

rIHANNA lONG rED hAIR Rihanna and Her Long Red Hair

I was reading another blog and the blogger argued that this was by the far the worst lace front ever. I disgree because, I’ve seen some bad ones and aside from that- Rihanna isn’t wearing a lac front wig. It’s a bad weave. Anyone who begs to differ (as I know some of you will) check out the area surrounding the part. It’s clearing not the same as the reast of the hair. This was just an all bad look. Sorry baby- NO DEAL!

*** So, the picture I originally had didn’t look like this one. For some reason I couldn’t edit it so, I just moved on to a new one. In this picture her hair doesn’t look that bad. I guess it was the angle and the effect of the whole outfit before. Who knows? She just might be able to pull this look off after she puts a hot comb to the roots and edges.***

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