Rihanna and Her Big Red Hair

rihanna big read hair Rihanna and Her Big Red Hair

2011 is def the year for brand new hair so far. Next up is Rihanna- She was recently spotted rocking a new hairstyle and its BIG. A lot of people are giving her slack about it but, I personally LOVE this look on her. It’s not original at all but, it is a something out the ordinary for Rihanna. When someone FINALLY gets a good picture of it or she debuts her new video (whichever comes first) I’m sure a lot of people will change their minds concerning this look. I KNOW she is going to kill it. Gosh- I hope I won’t have to eat my words.

RIHANNA RED HAIR VIDEO Rihanna and Her Big Red Hair

Someone said she looks like him:

So, Rihanna -vs- Side Show Bob- Who Killed It?! Lol… Just Kidding but, Seriously- What do you think of her new look?

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