Q&A with the Beautiful LisaRaye McCoy

LisaRayeMcCoy Q&A with the Beautiful LisaRaye McCoy

It’s not often that you come across a celebrity that is multi-talented, an entrepreneur, a fashion designer and who is willing to take up any challenge that comes her way at any moment.

Until you meet LisaRaye McCoy, that is.

The veteran actress, former First Lady of Turks and Caicos and star of VH1 romantic comedy, Single Ladies, is ready to get fit, lean and in shape as she participates in the ViSalus Body by Vi 90-Day challenge – a fitness challenge that promotes exercise, healthy eating, weight loss and achieving your fitness goals all with the encouragement of a supportive community. With her determined frame of mind and delightfully contagious sassy and upbeat attitude, LisaRaye is already more than 30-days into the challenge and along the way she is opening up about why eating healthy is important to her, what real beauty means and how her portrayal of Keisha Greene on her hit sitcom is reaching out to way more people than she ever imagined.

GL: What encouraged you do this challenge?

LR: Being an actress requires me to be in front of a camera, you’re constantly being scrutinized and there’s a certain amount of vainness that goes in front of the camera as well, especially when you’re playing a character like Keisha that I play on Single Ladies. There’s a lot skin, a lot of sexy scenes, a lot fashion forward toning your clothes so I wanted to make sure I was part of team butt naked dress appeal, as what I call it. I was looking for help – I was looking for help to be able to you know encourage me to tone and get back into shape like I used to be and ViSalus was brought to my attention and I started the program with them.

GL: Do you think it’s an important aspect to have community when you’re living a healthy lifestyle – especially in this challenge?

LR: Oh my god yes. You’re only as a good as your support team anyway. There are so many temptations out here and I’m a foodie. The testimonies’ on ViSalus had given me through there books and through their website and I just saw the before and after pictures and I was encouraged and I was like let me try this. I’ve had those quick things of fasting and other supplements and other workout routines that I’ve tried over the past years and I was like, lets try a whole together package, having the product, having the supplement, having vitamins, having a workout routine, being able to balance healthy eating with that and so for the first time I’m actually putting that combination together and making it one.

GL: Have you seen any differences that have made you very surprise about your body since you’ve started the challenge?

LR: I have seen a difference – I’ve seen enough that it’s going to make me keep going.

GL: Some people would argue that you look fabulous, which you do, so would you say this fitness challenge isn’t so much to lose weight but just to feel good about yourself?

LR: No, its both, because as girls, as women, we know how to camouflage and I know how to camouflage and I no longer want to do that and I no longer want to go up and down. I need to find the perfect weight in measurement and toning for my body that’s going to appease television and me, so I’m trying to find that. And the reason why I do this right now to be that it supports me to work out and the six months I’m filming in Single Ladies in Atlanta and I’m not able to do nothing.

GL: What do you hope is going to come from this challenge?

LR: I want to get rid of my cellulite and I want to be able to have more energy and I want to be able to eat well. I’m finding different recipes that fit for my taste buds so I can share with other people and promote healthy eating and I want to get rid of body fat, I want to get lean and tone. I need things in my body that I’m aware of to make it function and push myself to a limit of getting better and living longer.

GL: You’ve conquered every other avenue – acting, reality television, being a fashion designer and now you’re doing this fitness challenge, how do you juggle it all?

LR: I think this fitness challenge is the most of it all because it starts with a mindset, an incredible focus that you have to have of discipline, and for me it helps me distress – so I actually feel better after I workout, I feel like I’ve accomplished something. I can hear that little theme song from Rocky [hums tune]. I want to see a difference I want to be a part of that team I was talking about butt-naked-dress-to-kill, that’s a strong will frame right there, that mean you a bad – watch your mouth!

GL: Do you have a secret weapon that’s going to help drive you to the end?

LR: I’m trying to find that still! I’m constantly everyday looking for that encouragement, you know, and that motivation, besides having my own focus – sometimes you just need a little push and if its nothing else then getting on Facebook and Twitter and tweeting – one of my fans sending me a message and you know its like wow, you know when I feel like I can’t go through today and they send me something and its like ‘oh right, right right, keep your eye on the prize’ so it’s a struggle. I’m not going to be too hard on myself, but I have to be able to put in the hard work. Nothing comes to you easy and if it does then you don’t really give a damn about it.

GL: I see that they’ve renewed for a third season [Single Ladies]. Are you proud at how your character has evolved over the past two seasons?

LR: Oh yeah, and I think this season more so because I think Keisha showed a sensible ability this year. That storyline of ‘Go Keisha, you can do it Keisha, you can find love, you can have all these choices in front of you’, its something for someone to applaud for, you know to root for. They get really involved in the storyline and when I look at Twitter and I’m trending on Monday’s its like ‘Oh my god, are you going to take Malcolm back?’ I hate his girlfriend!’ and its like wow and it trips me out sometimes how television is such a form of ministry because you’re actually helping people with their lives and all the things that they’ve gone through in there experiences and showing them another way perhaps on how they can deal with the pain or you know another perspective on how to deal with dating and what you’re looking for in life and keeping in mind it’s a form of entertainment.

GL: What kind of beauty/health/self esteem advice would you give to young women?

LR: I just don’t promote beauty – I think beauty comes from inside especially when we have the media that is treading a path of sexuality. Self esteem, insecurity, a mindset, of focus, words – just playing with words in your mind – the strength of your words, the expression of your words, what you put out there, what you think  – you know see no evil, hear no evil, speak no evil – that is really what I’m about.

GL: Any there any coveted beauty secret that you have?

LR: I’m not one of those types that are like ‘Oh my gosh, I can’t be seen without makeup’. . I moisturize – believe in that, I try my best to drink 8 glasses of water a day.





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