Pin-Up Girl Hairstyles #4- Marilyn Monroe Inspired

I decided to title this post Marilyn Monroe Inspired for apparent reasons, Marilyn Monroe is the icon that people think of when they see this style. Marilyn Monroe is the woman who everybody wants some part of; however, Marilyn Monroe was not the first person to wear the notable platinum blonde curls. In fact she copied this style from the 1930s actress and sex symbol, Jean Harlow, whom I posted a picture of below.

jean harlow marilyn monroe hairstyle Pin Up Girl Hairstyles #4  Marilyn Monroe Inspired

Jean Harlow- See the resemblance?! For those of you saying, “Yea, but, Marilyn looks better.”- You totally missed the point.

marilyn monroe Pin Up Girl Hairstyles #4  Marilyn Monroe Inspired

Marilyn Monroe

Madonna made it her business to “become” Marilyn Monroe at one point in her life.

Many celebrities adopted the hairstyle but, not all of them were successful. I have included the few who were. My favorites were Scarlette Johansson, Christina Aguilera and Katherine Heigl.

Who wore this best?

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Scarlett Johansson

Paris Hilton

Naomi Watts

Katherine Heigl

Jennie Garth

Christina Aguilera

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