Pin-Up Girl Hairstyles #3- Bettie Page Short Bangs

Bettie Page Short Bangs  Pin Up Girl Hairstyles #3  Bettie Page Short Bangs

Bettie Page- In an era of repression, she brought a “bad-girl” sensuality that is reflected in the rockabilly lifestyle and music. Her trademark hairstyle – long  hair with short temple-to-temple bangs.

This hairstyle is not a popular as the other Pin-Up Girl inspired styles (maybe, because, it looks a mess) but, I’ve still spotted a few well-known ladies rocking it. These short bangs are called: Bettie Page bangs which I’m sure you guys figured out from the picture of Bettie Page above. It can also be referenced to sub-culture called Rockabilly which is the reflection of rough sensuality and tough sexiness inspired by again, ’40s pinup model, Bettie Page.

telephone beyonce bettie page short bangs Pin Up Girl Hairstyles #3  Bettie Page Short Bangs


Petra Nemcova

Rosario Dawson

Christina Aguilera

Now, this is a look I would NOT encourage anyone to go for. HUGE risk. Ugh! However, if you are feeling inspired or want to try something new, watch the how to video:
Trimming and styling Bettie Page bangs  

Enjoy and Please leave comments.

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