Photo Shows Top Gun 2 Nearing Takeoff

Good news for Top Gun fans who have been waiting for the Top Gun sequel for years. Based on a recent photo published on Twitter, it is confirmed that the Top Gun pair: actor Tom Cruise and producer Bruckheimer are meeting to finalize the making of the much awaited sequel of the hit action movie. The duo was seen standing side by side with a big smile in their face. This fuelled the news even more.

Producer Bruckheimer later acknowledged that he sat with Cruise during the weekend to finalize all details before getting started with the production. He also disclosed that they decided on the second movie of the series in last June.

Tom Cruise played the role of Pete ‘Maverick’, a fighter pilot at an elite flying school, in the 1986 blockbuster which mesmerized a generation of viewers for its visualization of intensely technical and advanced airborne warfare tactics. Cruise will appear in the same role in the new movie, too.

The pair told that although they have been busy with other movie projects for years, they never gave up the idea of ‘Top Gun 2’. The process was going on in their mind for almost three decades, they added. A source close to Cruise and Bruckheimer added that making of the second part is now just a matter of time. It is worth mentioning that back in 2013 the production of the new Top Gun faced a major setback following the death of director Tony Scott, who committed suicide by jumping from a bridge in San Pedro. However, even after that the studio (Paramount) did not refrain from entertaining the idea of the sequel.

Last November, actor Val Kilmer gave a notion by announcing on his Facebook page that he is going to retain his character of ‘Iceman’, one of the main characters in the first Top Gun. But, later he added that he ‘jumped’ it.

The first movie in the Top Gun series is still popular for its exciting dogfight scenes and brilliant quotes that won the heart of a lot of people at that time. The love angle between Maverick and Charlie Blackwood made the movie even more enjoyable for audience.

Speculation is that the new movie in the franchise will be around a group of dogfighters struggling to show their effectiveness in an era of high-tech drones which are more cost effective and risk free.

After its release in 1986, Top Gun bagged $365.8 million worldwide. There is no way to view this amount as something small, considering ticket prices were almost the half than they are today. The movie also paved the path for Tom Cruise to become the next Hollywood big shot.

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