What Is Paula Patton’s Ethnicity?

First off, it seems that this country can get into ridiculous discussions. That includes discussions of the possible ethnicity of Paula Patton.  It is obvious from looking at a picture of her, she is a beautiful woman.  That said, it seems a lot of people often wonder what Paula Patton’s ethnicity is. There are even those people who get into a heated discussion of what her race is. She has beautiful skin and straight hair.  She seems to have some Asian features, there does not seem to be a single description of her.

paula patton ethnicity What Is Paula Pattons Ethnicity?

What Nationality is Paula Patton

Paula Patton is an actress well known for her role in Missions Impossible: Ghost Protocol.  She has also done Déjà vu, Precious, and 2 Guns.  She is also known as the wife of singer Robin Thicke.  It is as the role of the wife that she is possibly best known as, given her spouse’s fame.  She and Robin have since broken up and the cause of that break up seems to be too many “blurred lines.”

As to her ethnicity, Paula Patton is an African-American woman who was born to a white mother and a black father.

You could be saying, “But that means she’s mixed.” However, this Hollywood star has told several magazines and her publicist to tell everyone that she is claiming her “black side”. That is legitimate and speaks to her understanding of herself and her perceived cultural heritage. You may know that this is the same thing that Mariah Carey said some years ago. That she was married to the white RNB singer Robin Thicke, shows how the world has changed since her birth in 1975.paula patton ethnicity1 206x300 What Is Paula Pattons Ethnicity?

Patton Nationality Questions

She is a woman driven by pride in self and a dream.  She grew up across the way from the 20th Century film lot. Her mother gave her an appreciation of good movies and acting.  She took that appreciation and went into high school dramatics and her favorite role was that of “Abigail” in The Crucible, hardly a lightweight role.  It did feed her love of creating new characters and of acting itself.  A love that inspires and drives her to this day.

Paula has shown herself to be willing to work hard.  After high school she attended classes at U.S.C. and managed to work her way into being a production assistant for Howie Mandel’s talk show.  That lead to documentary segment production for The Discovery Channel.  It seemed that her destiny was to work and achieve behind the camera until roles in Hitch and Idlewild came her way.  Since Déjà vu in 2006, her career has been on an upward trajectory.

The questions about her ethnicity do not seem to faze her. The combination has created a very photogenic woman and has given her the tools she has needed to succeed.  She has combined those attributes into a successful life and career and that says a lot about the woman herself and will be part of the new chapter she writes for herself.

UPDATE: She ain’t married no more!

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