Naughty Short Skirts

short skirt Naughty Short Skirts

Do you wear Naughty Short Skirts? A mini skirt is considered naughty and sexy due to its short length. Do you think a mini skirt is naughty or is it just edgy and only true divas can pull them off?

Personally I like a mini skirt, for the right occasion. But if you have long legs they really can be risky in the revealing department. The key though is knowing what is the perfect mini length for you. Just make sure before walking the streetwalk that you are not mistaken for someone who is trying to sale a sneak peak if you know what I mean.

However, it is safe to where a mini skirt that is about mid thigh for most people. Just remember to make sure it covers your assets even if you have to bend over a little. “Glam It Up”!

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