Meagan Good and Her Mother Photo

meaganmommy Meagan Good and Her Mother Photo

Meagan Good was spotted with her mother. She told Rolling Out in an interview that her mother and family means a lot to her hear is what she had to say:

“After God, my mother is my everything..I am so thankful to have her assistance when it comes to my career, but at the same time, I’m glad that she is not a traditional stage mom. She has my back every step of the way, but has managed not to overwhelm me, and not suffocate. She has been able to find a nice balance, and I respect that so much. There are many parents that don’t know how to walk that fine line when it comes to being involved with their child’s career; especially after they have grown up. Even at 24, she is still a big part of my career, but she’s able to trust the fact that she raised me the right way, and that I will be able to make the right decisions and always carry myself appropriately.”


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