‘MasterChef Junior’ Participant Avery Kyle Hunts Gators For Dinner

Avery Kyle is one of those people who love to hunt and cook her dinner. The fourth grader, famous for her appearance in the season 4 of “MasterChef Junior” finds it enjoyable to catch crawfish and alligators. As she managed to reach the final round of the reality TV show on cooking, there is no doubt she has got a hand in cookery. Now she has shown that she has other skills apart from cooking!

So, how does she feel about hunting? When she was asked this question her reply was: When I shot a gator for the first time in my life, for an unknown reason it felt quite bad. It seemed to me that I sort of tricked him to be killed.

However, with time she became handy in hunting gator and it became quite like a routine to her. The child star chef is currently writing her first book on cooking. She loves to grill or fry her gator for dinner. And she has got quite a hand for cooking them. Cooking a gator is so tough; you need to make sure it is not overcooked, so that it doesn’t get too chewy or rubbery, she said.

The kid’s cooking mentor William Wells nicknamed her as “Hurricane Avery” and added a photo of her hunting a gator for an audition video sent to a Gordon Ramsey kid’s cooking show.

It was learnt that having seen the video, the show’s producers were wowed and admitted she is full of confidence and has got a towering personality.

In a recent interview, Avery told that at the age of six she caught a fish as big as her. As she was reeling the fish, she shouted that the fish was going with some French fries.

In future Avery wants to be a lawyer and she is on her way with an ‘A’ grade reputation. She started cooking whens she was just 5 years old. It was her parents from whom she learned cooking, and, now, they help her to cook dinner about four to five times a week. They jokingly admitted that they are just the sous chefs and, most of the times, they do the cleaning.

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Apart from cooking, Avery Kyle has fascination for one more thing: theater. In school plays she is a regular participant. Next she is going to play a part from ‘Les Misérables ‘. Though she is a celebrity in her hometown, she dreams big — she is determined to take part in commercials and movies in a few years. She has already decided to get out of her comfort zone to chase her ultimate dream.


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