Make-up Advice for Redheads

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Here is a little Make-up Advice for Redheads that the celebrities follow. Want to have that glamour glow, always show ready? Well, redheads like Lindsay Lohan and Kirsten Dunst are going through the same make-up drama as you, but they have a team of stylist who make sure they stay camera ready. For a natural colored red head you should stay with neutral beige foundations. A pink-based foundation will make you look very red and rosy. You have enough red in your skin tone, so adding to it will be overdoing it.  Redheads have a natural glow, due to their vibrant hair color, so keeping everything as natural as possible will bring out that polished beauty look.

kirsten dunst 007 Make up Advice for Redheads

As far as eyeshadow is concerned, stay with the mid-browns and champagnes. Strawberry blondes should stay with the light browns when it comes to eyeliners and mascara, but darker redheads can go with dark browns and red brows, even black. With your lipstick you can stay conservative or go wild and wear vibrant red, whatever flows with your image.

Just remember to try to bring out your natural glow. Whether it is foundation, blush, eye shadow, eyeliner, lipstick, mascara, or any other cosmetic enhancer, make sure you can carry it all in your go to bag.

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