Lindsay Lohan Makes a Splash on ‘Fallon’

Infamous actress/singer/felon Lindsay Lohan appeared last night on Late Night with Jimmy Fallon. Despite her past, Lindsay looked really good and  had somewhat of a glow to her. We’re so proud of you Lindsay, keep up the good work!

During her appearance, Lindsay discussed moving on from her legal troubles and her new docu-series with Oprah. They’ve already started playing teasers on TV and of course one of them is Lindsay throwing a fit and storming off camera. Can’t wait to see it!

lindsay lohan jimmy fallon Lindsay Lohan Makes a Splash on Fallon

Check out this picture of Lindsay getting splashed with water by Fallon during a game of “water wars”, they’re priceless!

lindsay lohan jimmy fallon water Lindsay Lohan Makes a Splash on Fallon

Lindsay ended up getting much more wet than she anticipated. She said, “I didn’t realize there is as much water as there is in this game!”

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