Lil’ Kim Announces New Album

lil kim1 Lil Kim Announces New Album

Lil’ Kim might just be ready to head back on the scene and reclaim her crown as Hip-Hop Queen (although, with Nicki Minaj around, I’m not sure if the title is hers to take). Lil’ Kim has just announced the name of her new single, “Looks Like Money” and says a full-length album will be on its way.

Kim reported that she recently signed with G-Unit, but the record label’s head honcho, 50 Cent, says otherwise.

“She’s not actually signed to G-Unit,” 50 said in a recent interview. “We didn’t even have discussions about that. I heard it, I heard people say it too. It was just like, there was no reason to give confirmation for something that didn’t actually happen at all.”

Lil’ Kim, however, says that she is currently working with Dr. Dre and 50 Cent on the new album. It seems as though someone in this mix is a little confused, and I think that someone happens to be Lil’ Kim. But, will the lack of a record label backing her up stop her from releasing the album? Perhaps.

Do you think Lil’ Kim can make a comeback?

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