Lil B Gets Death Threats for Title of New Album

glam lilb Lil B Gets Death Threats for Title of New Album

After titling his latest album I’m Gay, Lil B is dealing with more than just angry protesters (a la Gaga). The rapper has been receiving death threats and many say he’s lost a whole lot of fans for this seemingly controversial album title.

But Lil B said he isn’t going to let anything keep him down. He took to his Twitter to express that he is not afraid of the threats, nor will it stop him from trying to send a positive message about acceptance, a message that is constantly lost in the hip-hop world with artists who are known for their homophobic lyrics. Lil B says all that should change.

“I love women,” Lil B told MTV. “I’ve never been attracted to a man in my life. But yes, I’m gay. I’m so happy.”

Is Lil B trying to change the rap game for the better, or is titling his album I’m Gay over the top?

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