Justin Bieber Shows Hip-Hop Influence on New Album

justin bieber Justin Bieber Shows Hip Hop Influence on New Album

Justin Bieber is showing off his hip-hop influences in his new album, Believe. Producer and singer, Mike Posner, worked with the young pop star on his latest project and says the album is Bieber’s transition into urban music.

“I have Bieber’s new single [“Boyfriend”], I wrote and produced that with him. And wait ’til you hear the beat, you’ll flip, you’ll want to play this song it’s super hip-hop,” Posner said. “He raps like a little eight bars, and then starts singing crazy right after it, and it sounds amazing.”

“Boyfriend” is scheduled for release on March 26. Bieber’s upcoming album, Believe, also features Timbaland, Drake, Pharrell, Diplo, and Hit-Boy.

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