Jennifer Lopez Body Measurements

jlo Jennifer Lopez Body Measurements

A lot of talk about Jennifer Lopez Body Measurements after having the twins. Ok, before the babies Jennifer Lopez had a phenomenal curvy body. But why do people expect her to have that same body right after having twins. It takes many changes in a woman’s body to have a baby and I think that Jennifer looks great to say she just had two babies. I’d rather her get back in shape the natural way, then to suck fat out and get liposuction surgery.

And people need to be realistic, just because she is a celebrity does not mean she is not human like the rest of us. Her body will not magically snap back into place, so how can you even expect that. I know it is partly the entertainment industry’s fault why people do not have a realistic view of what celebrities really look like. Due to photoshop and airbrushing, they cover the truth. But we must get past all that and understand that celebrities are just like us, just with more money and more fame.

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