Jay-Z and Kanye Release Video for ‘N**gas in Paris’, Does It Have Illuminati Symbols?

jayz kanye 1024x661 Jay Z and Kanye Release Video for N**gas in Paris, Does It Have Illuminati Symbols?

Jay-Z and Kanye West have just released the video for their latest single off Watch the Throne, “N**gas in Paris.” Conspiracy theories have already hit the web stating that the video is full of Illuminati imagery.

The Urban Daily pointed out a few instances when the video makes reference to Illuminati symbols. The Freemason symbol is apparent throughout the entire video. While it isn’t a direct Illuminati image, the two have often been linked together. In the middle of the video, The Virtuvian Man can be seen. It’s an image of a lion that is similar to a sketch by Leonardo da Vinci of the same name. It has been speculated that da Vinci was a member of Illuminati. Lastly, the Baphomet, an image of a pagan deity from Satanism, is used in the video.

Do you think “N**gas in Paris” is a message from the Illuminati, or is this just another great video from Watch the Throne?

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