How to Use Argan Oil

argan oil 466 How to Use Argan Oil

You may have heard the term ‘Argan Oil’ in salons and beauty stores lately, but what exactly is this seemingly new product that everyone is raving about? Argan oil is made from Argan tree fruit, which can be found in southern parts of Morocco.

Why use Argan oil? Well, the benefits are plentiful. It’s great for both skin and hair, providing nourishment and moisture, while also helping to protect against damage. For hair, Argan oil can help add shine, de-frizz, soften and strengthen hair. It is also a great supplement for people who suffer from conditions which affect the hair (growth and/or texture) like thyroid disorders and alopecia. It can also be especially useful to people who are transitioning their hair from relaxed to natural.

To use Argan oil, first comb through your hair and use a coin-sized amount, distributing it evenly from the scalp to tips. If you are using the oil regularly, you can simply style your hair normally.

If you are using the Argan oil as an intensive treatment, you should wrap your hair in a hot towel and shower cap for up to 30 minutes. This will help to deep condition your hair, give it a softer texture and help to smoothen it out. Then, unwrap the hair and wash the oil out with shampoo.

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