How to Grow Long African-American Hair

long hair How to Grow Long African American Hair

Growing out African-American hair is not always an easy task. It takes time, patience, and a lot of haircare products. I scoured the web to find the best tips on how to get long, thick luscious hair for all the African-American ladies out there who are looking for a place to start.

Dilute Shampoo: You want to be as gentle on your hair and scalp as possible to help encourage its growth. Since shampoos tend to be quite thick, dilute it in warm water a few minutes before every wash. When it is watered-down, you can be more gentle on your scalp by softly massaging it into your roots. This will help to rejuvenate your hair follicles.

Deep Condition: After every wash, it is important to deep condition your hair. This is especially important for curly hair, since curly roots make it hard for natural hair oils to travel to your ends. In addition to the deep condition, consider hot oil treatments at least once a month. Leave the treatment in for half an hour before washing it out to give your hair some TLC and keep your ends strong.

 Moisturize: If you tend to have dry, damaged hair, keep it moisturized. Use a moisturizer that is free of petroleum jelly, petrolatum and mineral oils. Apply it to the ends of your hair, and avoid the first two inches of your roots.

Comb Carefully: When combing your hair, use a wide-tooth comb to brush out your hair gently. Start at the ends and make your way up to your roots. Once your hair is knot free, comb out the entire length. If you have dry and fragile hair, try not to comb your hair every day and use a soft-bristle brush instead.

Regular Hair Appointments: To keep your hair as healthy as possible, make sure to visit your hairdresser at least once every two months, if not sooner. Get a trim to get rid of all your damaged and split ends so your hair can stay rich, lush and healthy.

In time, you’ll see the natural state of your hair change to thicker and longer. But remember, the process takes time so stick with it and don’t give up!

Have any other tips on how to grow out African-American hair? Share them with us in the comments below!

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