How Much Does 50 Cent Weigh

50 Cent Weight Loss How Much Does 50 Cent Weigh

The title is crazy because the 50 Cent weight loss pictures have hit the Internet from every angle including mediatakeout. People are wondering what Curtis Jackson’s weight and height is now that he has lost so many pounds.

The rapper has gone from having muscles and weighing 215 pounds to 160 looking thin and sickly. However, there is a reason for this all. Curtis is starring in a movie where he is a superstar football player that comes down with cancer. He is taking the role so serious that he went on a liquid diet including freezer pops and slushies starting in the month of February 2010.

When it’s all over 50 Cent will have to do some heavy lifting and training to get back in shape and get that physique back. We will be waiting for the new photos which will be missing some arm sleeve tattoos because he wants to get more Hollywood roles.

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