Fishtail Herringbone Braid Hairstyles

fishtail braid Fishtail Herringbone Braid Hairstyles

Braids are hot this season especially Fishtail Braids which are also referred to as Herringbone Braids. They are easy and effortless and they look great and go with just about any casual style. I’ve included a few links to videos for simple fishtail braiding techniques.

angela simmons fishtail braid Fishtail Herringbone Braid Hairstyles

Angela Simmons

Rumer Willis

Kim Kardashian

Totally missed the mark by wearing TWO! Ugh… Not only that, her braids are so neat. For once the polished look isn’t the rigt way to go.


I think I like her braid so much because, its red. She’s such a cutie.

Leona Lewis

Vanessa Hudgens

Fishtail Braid Tutorial

How to: Easy Fishtail Braid

French Fishtail Braid

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