Female Rockabilly Hairstyle

rockabilly hair Female Rockabilly Hairstyle

rockabilly hair janelle Female Rockabilly HairstyleA new trend in updos is the Female Rockabilly Hairstyle. This hairstyle is inspired by the fashion style of the 1950’s called Rockabilly.

The music artist of the 1950’s made this style popular and female actors and artist like Lucille Ball trended the hairstyle.

(Shown singer Janelle Monáe on the left with a Rockabilly Hairstyle as an updo with a bun in the front – very cute and fashion forward. This can be worn casual or formal.)

Female Rockabilly Hairstyle 3

Looks like this hairstyle is surfacing again through artist and entertainers, as shown on Mandy Moore and Diddy’s new artist Janelle Monáe. It was also introduced on the 2009 fashion runway shows, with a little twist and edge (as shown on the model to the right). You can really add your own flare to these type of hairstyles.

Female Rockabilly Hairstyle 4(Shown to the left is a picture of actress/singer Mandy Moore with a loose bun in the front Rockabilly Hairstyle. This is more an elegant look and she pulls it off well. This hair choice would be great as a prom hairstyle – very sophisticated and confidently sexy.)

So if you are looking for a trendy new updo or hairstyle, this is the one to jump on and be on top of the fashion scene.

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