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medium 5251721048 240x300 Fans Who Go Too FarCountry music Tim McGraw got himself into a lot of heat after a video of him slapping a fan made its rounds on celebrity gossip magazines. However, the situation is really not what it seems. While we tend to think of celebrities as the instigators, McGraw’s fan assault shows that with most cases, it is the fans who go too far.

In the video released in early July, a female fan can be seen aggressively tugging on McGraw’s pant leg as he sings on a stage extension. McGraw momentarily stops to reprimand her when she puts her hand in his face. He reacts by swatting at her and eventually makes contact with her face. The fan is then whisked away by security as McGraw watches from the platform.

McGraw quickly came under fire for how he handled the situation, and he later issued an apology for his actions. He claimed that in the moment, he reacted defensively without thinking the situation through.

Cases of fans getting too grabby are not unusual for celebrities. McGraw’s story is minor compared to the scary stories other celebs have to tell.

Fans Who Go Too Far: 5 True Stories of Fans Gone Wild

1. The Stalker

Stalkers are too common with celebrities and those in the limelight. For most, its pretty harmless, but then there are those stalkers who take their devotion a bit too far. In the summer of 2014, Sandra Bullock locker herself and her young son in her upstairs bedroom and called police upon hearing someone breaking into her California home. The man was quickly caught as he fled. He later admitted to police to have broken in to her home before.

2. The Puller

In 2013, Beyonce unwillingly got a bit too close to her Brazilian fans when one man grabbed her and attempted to pull her down. The performer was sitting on an edge of a stage when a man reached around her and tugged at her from her waist. She slid several feet before security could arrived to help. Despite the scary experience, Beyonce let the man stay and even introduced herself to him.

3. The Twilight Attack

With thousands of screaming pre-teen fans constantly following his every move, it’s not wonder why Twilight star Robert Pattinson requires beefed up security whenever he goes out. In 2009, Pattinson was pushed into the path of a taxi by storming fans. He was lucky to walk away from the accident with just a bruised hip.

4. The Punch

Singer and former X Factor UK judge Leona Lewis left a book signing in tears after an angry fan unexpectedly punched the singer in the face. The fan, who had waited in lines for over five hours to confront Lewis, was angry over his reality show rejection. Lewis was left with a black eye and was forced to cancel several shows and appearances around Europe.

5. The Theft

50 Cent has been a prime target for fans who go too far. In 2010, he was bumrushed on stage by unruly fans. He has also had to duck from fans throwing everything from water bottles, grills, and wooden chairs at him. But none of these events compare to when he was actually robbed by a fan while performing.

While performing a set in Angola, a brave fan rushed the stage, quickly grabbed the singer’s gold chain, and then attempted to run out through the crowds. He was caught by security before getting far. Given 50 Cent’s reputation to how he handles his enemies, this fan’s attempted robbery remains one of the most stupid fan attacks we’ve seen.

Tim McGraw Not Alone

For seasoned performers like Sandra Bullock and Beyonce, a rowdy fan is just one of the occupational hazards of being a celebrity. Tim McGraw should take a note from 50 Cent and Robert Pattinson by beefing up his security and keeping himself at least arms length away from unruly fans.

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