Etta vs Beyonce

etta vs beyonce Etta vs Beyonce

Today I was listening to my iPod and it caused me to bring up the etta vs beyonce comparison. Etta James is a monster vocalist and Ms. Beyonce Knowles cannot touch her with a ten foot pole. Just because you wear a weave and the fans can’t tell whether it’s your real hair doesn’t make you sing better than Ms. James. Not knocking Lady “B” because she sings great just stating the facts. I’m sure her husband Jay-Z would agree with me too.

I’m looking at this image above and I’m wondering what size does Beyonce wear. Standing next to Etta you could also ask how tall she is and what race is she. The woman looks great and makes you wonder how she stays so thin. If you have ever seen Sasha Fierce in a pair of jeans you know what I mean. The only question left to ask is about the rumor did usher get Beyonce pregnant. Hmmm…

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