Erykah Badu Dyes Her Hair Blonde!

So much for Erykah staying in the natural category. Her first time rocking the new color was last month at Lallapolooza. She wore a mohawk and in my opinion, she looked a complete mess. Her edges are clearly damaged and it was just an all together bad look as you can see below:

Erykah Badu Blonde Mohawk Erykah Badu Dyes Her Hair Blonde!

Since then, she as settled for a more rational look but, it still isn’t really fitting her. I actually hate her new hairstyle and I like the raggedy mohawk better. What do you think about it?

erykah badu blonde hair1 Erykah Badu Dyes Her Hair Blonde!

For some of you, it may not be that bad. I guess, I’m just used to seeing the beautiful bald Erykah or the bold big haired Erykah.  Maybe, this will grow on me, but, I highly doubt it.

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