eBay Counterfeit Lawsuit Gives More Reasons to Shop Safe

Are you searching for designer accessories or clothing for a bargain? More than likely, you have visited eBay to try to score some great deals. If you’re like most discerning fashionistas, you probably had a hard time pulling the trigger on an item that could be a counterfeit. Have no fear! You can rest assured that your purchases are genuine as eBay works with designers to fight counterfeit sellers and operations.

The LVMH Lawsuit Against Counterfeits

medium 3312099846 300x201 eBay Counterfeit Lawsuit Gives More Reasons to Shop SafeCounterfeiting has long been an issue with sites like eBay that uses a variety of unvetted sellers to hawk goods. Some counterfeits are obvious forgeries but as technology advances, it is progressively getting harder and harder to discern which items are fakes and which are real.

LVHM Moet Hennessy Louis Vuitton (makers of brands like Louis Vuitton, Dior, and Givenchy) took notice of the massive counterfeiting operations and asked eBay to step in. When the digital seller did not meet the demands of the collection of designers, it filed a lawsuit against eBay to protect its international copyrighted material and to stop counterfeiters from selling to unsuspecting customers.

In 2008, a French court ordered eBay to pay LVHM $52.1 million in damages, which was later reduced to $5 million. Despite the award, the battles between the fashion giant and the auction site continued on in US courts. In late July, the two settled in court for an undisclosed amount, and the the two companies agreed to work together on fighting counterfeits and preventing the sale of forged luxury items. While the details of their joint measures were not released, both parties seemed happy to get the lawsuits behind them.

What the Collaboration Means for Your Shopping Experience

In recent years, there have been claims that almost 90% of designer goods sold on eBay were fakes or counterfeits. Now that the website giant has agreed to cooperate, hopefully those numbers will fall as the sellers of fake items are punished and removed from the site. For the buyer, that means plenty of assurance that your new designer handbag is the real deal.

More safeguards on large sites like eBay will also help fight unethical counterfeiting practices worldwide. The majority of fake designer items are made in sweatshops across Asia where workers receive little to no money for their work. The clothing, bags, and perfumes are sold at bottom of the barrel money and are trafficked to other illegal activities such as black markets or illegal drug and gun sales. By combating counterfeiting head-on, much more will be addressed than the production just one fake Louis Vuitton bag.

Still Unsure About eBay? Try These Ideas Instead!

In the midst of lawsuits and claims of massive counterfeiting rings, several online stores have popped up to help the consumer purchase and pick a genuine designer item out of a sea of forgeries. Sites like The Real Real guarantee that their consignment items have passed rigorous tests and safeguards. If you prefer to see the good in person, designer consignment shops in many major cities also offer guarantees on its handbags, clothing, and accessories.

Before purchasing, always check the following things against online descriptions to ensure that the items is genuine:

  • Price- If the price is too low compared to the rest, it’s most likely fake. Never trust a deal that is just too good.
  • Material– Fake leather, in particular, can look very real in images. Instead of trusting the seller, ask for other pictures in natural lighting. Request that they take close up photos of the material so you can inspect for imperfections or tell-tale signs of the wrong material being used.
  • Markings– Many counterfeits will try to skirt copyright laws by having tiny deviations from a brand’s logo or markings. Become knowledgeable on what your favorite designer uses to designate themselves.
  • Packaging– Designer sunglasses should not come in sleeves or pouches. Perfumes should be purchased in the correct box. If an item is being sold without its original packaging or packaging that looks incorrect, you can bet that it is most likely a forgery item.

A Better Marketplace Means More Deals for You

As eBay and designers fight for a more safeguarded marketplace for its buyers, it is important to remain up to date on the latest news from both camps. In the meantime, learn what makes a counterfeit look so real and practice identifying a fake from a designer item. Armed with knowledge and confidence, you can rest assured that your newest designer item has passed all of the tests.
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