Dip-Dyed Hair

So, every now and then we all desire a fresh new look whether it be hair, make-up, clothes etc. There are endless possibilities to change our looks especially, our hair. If we don’t want to change the style or length, we can always change the color. The newest trend in coloring is the dip-dye hairstyle.
abbey lee kershaw Dip Dyed Hair
Abbey Lee Kershaw
I dislike her choice of color and styling of her hair. It looks really unkept.
keri hilson dip dyed hair tips Dip Dyed Hair
Keri Hilson
I don’t know if I really consider her style to be “dip dyed.” At any rate this is a good look for Keri. I love it for her.
Katy Perry
Her hair is never on point so this hot mess is no surprise. I dislike it.
Jessica Alba
I love this look for her. I wouldn’t have gone blonde to black though. I think it would look better reversed.
Angela Simmons
The hairstyle isn’t the best because, she didn’t blend her real hair (straight) with her weave (deep wave). It looks kind of funny up top but, since the focus is on the ends- I’ll give it to her. I love it.  The colors are perfect for each other.
Drew Barrymore
I dislike how she “blocked” her ends. Its too short and shabby.
Lady Gaga
Only she can pull these odd colors off. I love it except the part in the middle and the edges. I hate when wigs looks like wigs.  
Raven Symone
Great Job… You go girl!
What does TGL think of it?

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