What Are Your Favorite Braid Hairstyles for the Season?

The newest look for the spring/summer seasons is different braid hairstyles. Celebrities are trying out the elegant braid look, which are different day to evening hairstyles. It works for a casual outing and for a fancy event. These new braid hairstyles are reflections of history, but they are trending to be the hot new style for this year.

Top Hairstyles for a Formal Event

Some braided hairstyles are tailor-made for formal events. Consider Jennifer Aniston’s 2009 Oscar style, which included a breezy braid and stands as a great alternative to half up half down hairstyles for medium-length hair. Another traditional braid style that works well for formal and casual events alike is the side braid. Elegant yet simple, the side braid is an oldie but goody. Finally, one of the most well-known formal braid styles is that of a gorgeous French braid. This style allows the wearer the opportunity to show off the length of her hair while offering an elegant, refined appearance.

Casual Spring Hairstyles

For the woman on the go or as a way to keep lengthy hair in check on hot summer days, one of the best ways to tame a mountain of hair is by using a casual braided hairstyle. Have no fear, however, if your hair isn’t quite long enough to be considered mountainous, these same braided styles work well for medium-length hair as well. One of the best ways to get control of your hair for the beach or any other summer event is a casual braided updo. This style works best for lengthy hair, but will work with hair just below the shoulder as well.

Braid Hairstyles for Girls

When searching for the best overall style and one that will work for either casual or formal occasions, a few important factors must be considered. Is the style comfortable yet elegant? Will it look good with either a formal dress or a beach outfit? If the answer to both of those questions is yes, then it is a good idea to add that braided style to your repertoire. A couple of potential finalists for best overall braided hairstyle are Heidi braids and Fishtail braids. Both are casual yet elegant and either would work well in a formal or casual setting.

fishtail braid updo i7 300x216 What Are Your Favorite Braid Hairstyles for the Season?

Choosing a braided hairstyle can be fun and challenging. A lot depends on the purpose of the braid and ease or difficulty of creation. Braid styles can be as personal and unique as the woman wearing them and should reflect the personality of the wearer.

Like anything else in the realm of fashion and appearance, what works well for one woman may look like a disaster on another. It is wholly left up to the individual to choose the best braided hairstyle to suit her lifestyle and facial features.

Remember, braided hairstyles are unique and complementary. Use them wisely and they can add another layer of sophistication to any formal event or give the wearer an added element of comfort when hair maintenance is last on the priority list.

different braid hair What Are Your Favorite Braid Hairstyles for the Season?


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