Destiny’s Child Reunion Confirmed!

destiny Destinys Child Reunion Confirmed!

Matthew Knowles, Beyonce’s father and former manager, has finally confirmed that there will be a Destiny’s Child reunion in the very near future!

Rumours of a reunion began last year when it was revealed that the Beyonce, Kelly Rowland and Michelle Williams owed their record label, Columbia Records, one more album as Destiny’s Child. After months and months of speculation, Knowles finally broke the news at the Essence Music Festival Last weekend.

destiny2 Destinys Child Reunion Confirmed!

This news does come at an inopportune time though. Beyonce just released her latest album 4, and Kelly Roland will be releasing her latest LP, Here I am and the end of this month. That really doesn’t leave much time for the ladies to head back into the studio together.

Destiny's Child Reunion

But, I’ve got to admit, I sure do hope the Independent Women will be heading back in the studio sooner rather than later. There’s nothing quite like a Destiny’s Child club anthem to get your booty shaking, or one of their emotional ballads to pull at your heartstrings. And their harmonies! Has anyone really quite forgotten what Beyonce, Kelly and Michelle sound like when they sing together? I definitely haven’t.

Would you like to see a Destiny’s Child reunion?

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