Demi Moore’s Plastic Surgery Hinders Movie Roles

83256954 demi moore Demi Moores Plastic Surgery Hinders Movie Roles

Demi Moore has spent a lot of money on plastic surgery trying to look younger. Around $500,000 on cosmetic surgery. Wow! Still she can’t seem to find movie roles that fit her. She is 44 years old, but looks like she is in her twenties. The movie industry do not know what do with her. The 40 year old women in the films are normally someone’s mother or wife. She is upset that she can not find roles with more substance. Well I think she went overboard with the plastic surgery, but I guess she has to do something to keep her young husband physically interested. It’s not like they are growing old together.

Here is some info on Demi’s plastic surgery makeover:

According to the Daily Mail, Demi has spent almost half a million on the following:

Lipo to hips, thighs & stomach – $30,000
Breast Implants – $22,000
Breast Lift – $20,000
Brow Lift – $8,000
Chemical Face Peel – $20,000
Collagen – $400 per visit
Teeth Veneers and whitening – $12,000
Saggy Knee Surgery – $10,000
Exercise Coach – $300,000


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