What Happened with the Uncensored Danica Patrick Pictures?

What are all the Danica Patrick exposure uncensored pics that people are talking about? Apparently, Danica’s nipple was exposed on Swim Daily, a Sports Illustrated-owned site that sort of promises class and taste.  Still, for whatever reason, the picture leaked showing Danica’s side boob uncensored and quite fetching, if that’s any consolation to Danica.

danica patrick exposure unc What Happened with the Uncensored Danica Patrick Pictures?


Danica Patrick Exposure – the Uncensored Photo You Ask?

Well, we don’t want to be labeled a porn site by posting it publicly uncensored, but let’s just say it looks a lot like an exposed nipple and it will make men (and some women) horny and may impair their ability to drive. Patrick’s sexy picture was actually a selfie taken back in 2008 and was posted as part of the website’s “Throwback Thursday” gallery.

The shot by Sports Illustrated, while still hot, was trumped by FHM magazine’s photo shoot which was hot and very sexy in its own right, and without the accidental nip slip.
I love the images of her in the old school car and the beach pic is not bad either.

Question though, what does racing cars have to do with a missing bikini top? Women exploit themselves sexually all the time and I guess Danica is no different. Now I’m going to go do ten Hail Marys and then ogle the pics some more!

Danica Patrick Biography

With all these hot Danica Patrick pictures, it’s hard to remember that she is more than a model. She is actually an auto racer, and is the most successful women to drive in the American open-wheel racing competition. She won the 2008 Indy Japan 300, which was a record, and also finished third place in the 2009 Indianapolis 500, another record for her fair gender.

She looks good, doesn’t she? Yet Danica Patrick’s age is a mere 31, meaning she drives fast and isn’t jail bait—always a nice touch. She has also been immortalized in pop culture by guest starring in a video game, in the title, Sonic & All Stars Racing Transformed. She has also appeared on CSI: NY, (where she played a race car driver, really testing her acting range) and as a guest star voice on The Simpsons.

She has oftentimes been criticized in auto racing sports for being under the average weight of most male drivers, which supposedly gives her a special advantage. That’s debatable, but at least she’s giving female drivers everywhere a good name.

In case you’re thinking Patrick looks too good to be “unavailable”, well you’re in look. Though she was married to Paul Edward Hospenthal at one time, they divorced in 2012. She announced the bad news on her Facebook page, though she added the divorce would be amicable. She also converted to Catholicism when she married Hospenthal, so take that trivia bit as you will.

Whatever you do, if you must hit on Danica, don’t challenge her to a race. She will smoke you. At least if you strike out on the first date, you can always search for uncensored Danica Patrick pictures online and get your money’s worth.


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