Short Haircut Styles for Women Trendy in Barbershops

Have you explored all of your options for short haircut styles for women? The next time you’re out for a haircut consider a trendy choice.

women barbershop haircut Short Haircut Styles for Women Trendy in Barbershops

Hairstyles for Short Hair

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Amber Rose

The idea of women getting short haircuts in barbershops is a great way to get a trendy short boy cut or buzz haircut, clean and fresh like men in barbershops. I see that women are taking this new trend of short haircuts to a whole other level. Celebrities such as singers India Arie, Erykah Badu, and now Cassie are taking chances with style and are expressing their edgy flavor.

To each its own, but if you are interested in a boy cut, such as Kanye West’s new girlfriend (model Amber Rose pictured to the right), go to your local barbershop. They will hook you up and make sure your cut is shaped to perfection. A clean cut is the key, along with confidence in your beauty. Rock it if you can and “Glam It Up”!

Short Straight Hairstyles

If you don’t want your hair buzzed, but like that short-short look, the barber shop is still the best way to go.  Get a cute boy cut, or if you want spikes, buy plenty of hair gel.

Zipping off those looks is really nothing new.  Star Trek wowed audiences in 1979 as a bald-headed alien lieutenant.  Persis Khambatta could afford an undecorated head.  She entered the Miss Universe contest as Femina Miss India in 1965.  Wearing off the rack clothing she found at the last minute, Khambutta’s classy look spoke for itself.  She got snapped up by Revlon as a model, and later played in roles such as Nighthawks, Megaforce and Warriors of the Lost World.

Then there was Mia Farrow, who clipped her hair down to a minimum during the 1960’s.  While Vidal Sasoon was largely credited for her boy styled hairdo, she voluntarily took the shears to hand; actually a pair of fingernail scissors, for her role on the television show, Peyton Place.  The results?  A big-eyed, innocent look that became her trademark.

The short-short look is rapidly becoming the favored hair do among career women.  Facing long hours on the job, they really don’t have time to rush to the wash room every two hours to rearrange their hair.  Those short, crisp, Ellen DeGeneres styled cuts might become more popular still with the stand-up comedian hosting the Oscars.

Here’s the bad news for women who are hoping that short, short hair will be attractive to the opposite sex.  Over sixty percent of the men polled stated they preferred long hair on women.  Well, they’re not the ones who have to wash it, comb it and keep it styled.  Besides, plenty of women don’t like beards but when their men decide to start looking like the Neanderthal that wandered in from the forest, somehow they manage to get over it.

The good news concerning the barber shop hair cut is that it’s cheaper than spending your day at the salon and you can probably fill your place in line a lot faster.  Not only that, you’ll save tons of money on shampoo.  From walloping cap-full’s, a little dab will go a long ways on a short, short cut.

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